Old School Party 
Nov. 22, 2014

featuring LIVE from Jamaica DJ DELANO of RENAISSANCE at Pier 6 – LOWER LEVEL

November 22, 2014

local DJs Magnum Force, Blackstar and DJ Scoobay of YGS brought all the hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s!


Check out www.bermynet.com & www.vaoline.tv for more photos from this event! FNO_7569FNO_7504FNO_7506FNO_7509FNO_7511FNO_7513FNO_7515FNO_7516FNO_7518FNO_7519FNO_7520FNO_7527FNO_7532FNO_7534FNO_7535FNO_7538FNO_7541FNO_7543FNO_7550FNO_7551FNO_7554FNO_7558FNO_7559FNO_7561FNO_7564FNO_7568